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The perfect ReportBuilder exporting companion! Export your ReportBuilder reports to PDF, HTML, XHTML, RTF, Excel, JPEG, GIF, BMP, EMF and WMF.

Supported Software Environments
Software Version
Delphi 6, 7, 2005, 2006 & 2007
ReportBuilder 4.2 or above

Features :

Built-in run-time configuration dialogs, give full control to the end-user
Selective exclusion of types of elements from appearing in the exported document
Background images/watermarks & background color for the exported document
Built-in support for E-Mailing
Built-in Web Reporting facilities, get your report ready for serving over the Internet/Intranet in just ONE line of code
PDF supports TrueType font encoding, compression and more
PDF supports TrueType font characters from Chinese, Russian, Greek, Eastern European and other character sets
PDF supports Font Embedding and Encryption
New XHTML Device
Highly optimized HTML and XHTML encoding to generate small HTML and XHTML files
HTML and XHTML supports multi-file and single-file exporting
Hyperlinks in PDF, HTML and XHTML
Table of Contents in PDF, HTML amd XHTML
New completely Re-Engineered Excel Device with capability to export the report as Excel Workbook
Images, Shapes and Lines in Excel Device
Highly optimized HTML encoding to generate the smallest HTML file
HTML supports multi-file and single-file exporting
WYSIWYG RTF exporting
Requires NO additional software, 100% native Object Pascal


Components - Conversion File - Convert - Converting - Delphi - Demo - Doc - Excel - Export - Html - Image - Jpg - Pdf - Reporting - Rerport - Rtf - Sample Printing - Source

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