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With this components you add to your programs a complete labels editor. You can:

- Define label measures, paper type. Circle labels.
- Insert Text, Tables, Circles, Lines, Paragraph, Symbols, BarCodes, Polytext and Images.
- Edit, Move, Copy, Paste, Rotate and Delete this entities.
- Send To Back, Bring To Front. Aligns.
- Trim, extend and join lines.
- Predefined symbols.
- Load and Save the labels.
- Print and Preview.
- Fill label's from database. BDE or Dataset (ClientDataset, ADO, etc).
- Multiple Selection.
- Reference lines from selected element to the others.
- Configure backsurface (Color, gradients or image)
- Zoom and Snap To Grid.
- Units in mm, cm or inches. (precision 0,01 mm)
- Component to preview the label files located at some folder.
- Object Inspector to change element properties
- Generate GS1 128 Barcodes
- 2D PDF417 Barcodes
- Rotate the label
- Layout element to arrange others linked to it.

There is a resourcestring file in english, spanish, portuguese, italian, polish, chinese and dutch, if you want to add another language you can change this file and recompile the source. You get partial code to adapt and recompile two packages (dialogs forms)


Barcodes - Codabar - Code39 - Ean128 - Ean13 - Labels - Pdf417 - Preview - Print - Printers

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