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January, 2006- Paragon Software Group, the European specialist for innovative data security and data management technology, introduced the new reliable wiping solution to safeguard sensitive personal or company information in case of retiring or upgrading computer/server. It provides skilled resources and comprehensive wiping tools to help you pass over this important but often overlooked security risk. Standard erasing or reformatting your used disks isn't enough to prevent financial records, passwords, employee data, and other confidential documents from falling into the wrong hands. Thatls why Paragon Software Group, basing on Data Sanitization Methods, created Disk Wiper for those who require reliable, fast and effective way for sanitizing their hard disks. Here we should say more about wiping and sanitization to clear up the difference between these two approaches. The data should be sanitized in order to protect valuable information and also because there is, in the most countries, a legal obligation to do so. At the same time simple wiping doesnlt guarantee the total erasing of your data. In most cases there is still a chance to restore almost everything you had on your hard disk. Paragon Disk Wiper guarantees secure and easy erasure of confidential data with the most comprehensive academic algorithms and customization options, wizard-based interface and extensive reporting. It completely erases all live data so as it cannot be recovered with any existing technology. Here are the main features of the product: 1) User friendly Windows XP style interface with graphic representation of the actual layout of the hard disk system, fully-functional embedded HTML browser with handy navigation and search options and wizard-driven engine 2) Wiping of hard disks/separate partitions (primary, extended, logical) 3) Paragon developed algorithm along with creating your own customized wiping method (extreme customization option - 4 wiping patterns with up to 99 passes each) 4) Logging of bad blocks (corrupted sectors) discovered during the operation- these sectors may still contain classified information 5) Basic partitioning operations (create, delete, format) 6) Professional edition supports major government and military security standards (US DoD 5220.22-M, US Navy standards NAVSO P-5239-26, British HMG Infosec Standard No.5, German VSItR Standard, Peter Gutmann's algorithm, Bruce Schneier's algorithm, etc.). Thus the only way to make sure that all the data has been erased from a magnetic device is to overwrite all on-disk sectors with random patterns. It is Data Sanitization approach which is the basis of Paragon Disk Wiper. After finishing the process, a device that has been sanitized has no usable residual data and even advanced forensic tools should not ever be able to recover it, thus providing maximum level of security. System requirements: 1) Operating systems: Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Server 2003 2) Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher 3) Intel Pentium CPU or its equivalent, with 300 MHz processor clock speed 4) 64 MB of RAM 5) Hard disk drive with 40 MB of available space 6) SVGA video adapter and monitor To learn more about this product, please visit its web site: Paragon Software Group - Company Profile Paragon Software Group (PSG) is a German based company founded in 1994, with representation in Germany, Switzerland and Russia. Next to European markets, Paragon Software Group is also active in US and Asian markets. PSG includes following divisions: System Utilities, Smart Handheld Devices (dictionaries, games, utilities and handwriting recognition for SHD), Epocware (software for Symbian platform), Intelware (internet related software development). Additional information is available at website


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