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paxScript is an interpreter of 4 object-oriented scripting languages:paxBasicpaxCpaxPascalpaxJavaScript.TPaxScripter component allows you to embed the paxScript interpreter into your Delphi, Kylix or C++ Builder application, so you can extend and customize the application without having to recompile it.Using TPaxScripter you can:Import Delphi classes, routines, constants, and variables. Import Delphi units automatically with paxScript Importer.Convert dfm-files into the paxPascal scripts.Call script-defined functions.Save/Load compiled scripts to/from a stream.Unite source code modules and compiled (binary) modules in your script project. Moreover, you can add full compiled script to the script project.Build the code explorer tree.Customize compilation process and error handling.Use scripter in the debugger mode (breakpoints, step into, trace over, run to cursor). The component comes with full source code of paxScript IDE, so you can use it as a base to develop your own integrated environment.TPaxScripter component is thread safe. It has small footprint (about 30-40 Kb per extra TPaxScripter instance).


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