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MULTILIZER is the Universal Solution for Localizing Software to all Major Languages (European, Middle East and Far East), to all Major Platforms (Windows, Unix, Macintosh...) and with all Major RAD tools (Delphi, C++Builder, JBuilder, Visual Basic...). The result is a truly multilingual application where the active language can be changed on the fly! MULTILIZER turns up to 80% of localization work into just a few clicks of a mouse! Just drop one dictionary component on the main form and onetranslator component on each form of your native application. MULTILIZER automaticallypicks the strings to be translated from the source code with the easy-to-use Language Manager utility. Once the translations are done, your multilingual application is ready! When MULTILIZER is in use, there is no need for extra programming to add support for more languages. All translation data is stored in standard type of dictionaries (resource bundles, text files, Unicode files or database files) and can be re-used in other applications and supported development&target environments. Visit MULTILIZER home page for more info and FREE evals for all supported environments. Go Global - Now!


.Net - Access - Assemblies - Assembly - Assembly File - Bi-Di - Bi-Directional - Binaries - Binary - Binary File - Bpl - Builder - C# - C++ - C++Builder - Cat - Cellphone - Database - Db2 - Delphi - Dll - Embedded - Epoc - Exe - Gadget

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