FM UI Plus 1.0

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FM UI Plus




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FM UI Plus - product, which includes patch installer for RAD Studio to improve default UI for FireMonkey applications.

At this moment it includes improvements for Windows and macOS platforms:

* new default HQ style for macOS from, which includes graphics with all specifics of Sierra at this moment
* new focused frame around controls on macOS, which looks as native
* new toolbar style, which can be merged with window caption to get more native * look and feel on macOS
* fixes of text drawing on macOS
* fixes of TCalendar, TGrid drawing on Windows and macOS
* more all possible fixes and improvements for different platforms in the future
* quickly implementation of UI changes for different platforms in the future
* easy to Enable / Disable "FM UI Plus" for your application (just call project popup menu and select one item)


Firemonkey - Fm - Style - Theme - Vcl - Vcl Style

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