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DevForce Silverlight enables you to build data-intensive rich internet applications today. Writing a service infrastructure and exposing multiple methods for each data type is time consuming. With DevForce, you instead write your Silverlight application on top of a rich business object model that executes on both the client as well as the server. Having a full client-side domain model improves responsiveness and scalability while enabling offline operation.

DevForce Data Services fills a gap in the application infrastructure stack between where your Data Access Layer (DAL) ends and your client application begins.

The gap concerns your "business logic layer". How your raw data become business objects with behavior, logic, and rules. How your business objects traverse tiers and cross the network ... securely and reliably. How you query for them with LINQ and save changes transactionally. How you do all of this at scale and with maximum performance.

DevForce Data Services fills this gap so you don't have to reinvent it, cobble it, maintain it, and defend it. We've got eight years of tough customer experience, with production applications in the field spanning the spectrum of .NET client technologies: WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, and now Silverlight.

DevForce Silverlight integrates with the new Silverlight 3 features such as the DataForm, DataGrid, and Validation while seamlessly extending Silverlight 3 Validation with our popular Verification Engine. All of these features enable you to build applications in a fraction of the time and reduce code and maintenance costs.


Data Services - Entity - Framework - Internet Application - Linq - Plumbing - Ria - Ria Services - Rich - Silverlight

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