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Bind to EXE library enables your application to bind/extract files to/from an executable file at runtime. It consists of two classes, TBindToEXE and TExtractFromEXE, corresponding to two working stages,i.e. binding and extracting stage.

In binding stage, TBindToEXE can embed a collection of files in a single executable file dynamically. The embedded files can be compressed to reduce their size.There are 10 compression levels, from 0(fastest but no compression) to 9(slowest but maximum compression). You can select a level according to your requirements.

The embedded files can also be encrypted to increase their securities. Blowfish algorithm, one of the most secure encryption algorithms in the world, is employed to encrypt the files.

In extracting stage, TExtractFromEXE can retrieve information about the collection of files embedded in the executable file, or just extract one or more files from the executable file specified by their names or IDs.


Binder - Creator - Exe - Maker

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