Label3d Border 1.0

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Label with possibility of setting 5 different kinds of 3-dimensional borders and an option of vertical alignment of the caption.


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DrLabel 1.0

This component shows a 3D label with several effects. This label can appears blinking, alternating colors, having border, it can be raised or lowered.

By: Droid Informatica ltda


Vectrics Logging Components 1.5

The Vectrics Logging Suite now allows Delphi and C++ Builder programmers to log information in a flexible and dynamic manner. Programmers can...

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Enclosed please find the code39 true type font, a smart simple solution for barcode printing. Morovia code39 fontware package consists of 10 true...

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PDJLabels 1.00

Contains five components:TFLabel: Flashing labelTRunLabel: Scrolling label caption TURLLabel: Activate programs for browsing of internet...

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TCMLbl 1.0

Label for about boxes: user can easily access your home page, send you mail or open document with associated application. Demo before installing...

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WuW - WebWriter canidate for Coranto 1.0

This addon is being developed by SVM for a CMS called Coranto at http://coranto.

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Freeware 1.0

Label3dBorder - label with possibility of setting 5 different kinds of 3-dimensional borders and an option of vertical alignment of the

By: Steen Hjelmstrand


WebColor Dialog 1.0

Dialog for choosing web-safe colors from the Netscape color palette.

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SaVcl 1.12

SaVcl-library of Delphi VCL components for direct access to Sybase Anywhere databases. Features: freeware with sources; direct access via Sybase...

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VISOCO dbExpress Driver for Sybase ASE 1.2.5

VISOCO dbExpress Driver for Sybase ASE is a lightweight database driver that provide fast access between Delphi/C++Builder applications and Sybase...

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