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This is Really any indicator on segments/matrix basis.Use AnyEdit.exe (free) editor to create your own any indicatorall segment types and matrix types supported (any number of segments, any shape any position, any matrix XxY type)define/change your own font for this indicator (for each 256 signs - any segments/matrix elements ON/OFF positions supported)save it and load to indicator- this sign will be supported automatically (7 examples included)TIAAnuIndicator supports:Multilines (1, 2, 3...)Any numbers signs / gaps/ sizes of signsInner /outer border any widthAny color scemeRight/left aligning, WordWrapping, Add or not decimal point to previous signIndicator could be turned at any angle.Not flickerColor reaction on mouse enter/exitBorder/back/Off segments could be transparent


Button - Buttons - Component - Components - Delphi Components And Units Writen By Andronov Igor - Indicator - Indicators - Menu - Menues - Unit - Units

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