Components, Scripts, Codes: Delphi / Indicators and Gauges

Seven Segment LED Digit 1.0

Seven Segment LED Digit is a Delphi component used to display numeric digits. Can be used for indicators.

By: S Sampath Kumar Homepage


TMS TAdvSmoothStatusIndicator

Smooth glossy status indicator.

By: TMS Software Homepage


MarqueeProgressBar 1.0

MarqueeProgressBar is an extended ProgressBar component which supports the Windows XP Marquee style.

By: delight software gmbh


MPS Progress Bar

This component allows you to have a Windows 98 progress bar.

By: Michael Pham


TProgress Window 1.0

TProgressWdw component encapsulates a small modeless, captionless windowcontaining a progress gauge.

By: Orbital Decisions


Progressor 1.0

Contains a component TProgressObserver which co-operates with a TProgressor class. These classes let you detach low level progress status and...

By: White Ants Systemhouse BV


Universal Real-Time Software Oscilloscope GUI DLL Library

DLL Library for data acquisition and logging, computer simulation and debugging programs.Advantages:Speedy performance: the library makes it...

By: Michael Bernstein


DrGauge 1.0

DrGauge is a Win95 style Gauge component with progressive fill of the blocks (the blocks are going appearing progressively).

By: Droid Informatica ltda


TrafficLight 1.1

TrafficLight is a visual component which shows Traffic Light different states: Red for Error, Yellow for Warning and Green for Ok...

By: H.-D. Erdmann


TIAAnyIndicator 1.0

This is Really any indicator on segments/matrix basis.Use AnyEdit.exe (free) editor to create your own any indicatorall segment types and matrix...

By: Igor Andronov


AntiAliased Analog Gauge 1.0

A3nalogGauge - simple component for displaying floating point value as analog voltmeter. In addition to AnalogGauge component, the A3nalogGauge...

By: Irnis Haliullin


JanSim 1.0

JanSim is a set if 12 Simulation components including TjanSimLogicBox for no code simulation of digital electronics, and TjanSimPID and...

By: JanSoft


Performance Graphic 1.0

This component will display a graphic as Task Manager does. All you have to do is provide values OnFeed event, set up grid, colors.

By: Lucian Radulescu


TMemGauge 1.0

A TGauge descendant. Option to show percentage free or percentage used on either physical RAM or swap file (virtual). Automatic update option in...

By: Arual Software


AsCylGauge 2.0

Cylinder gauge with realistic shadowed metal skin and cushioned harmonic motion. Fully customizable on values format, marks interval, number of...

By: Azabache Systems


AsSevSeg 1.0

High quality VCL component that emulates seven segments displays of most of digital devices. Allows differents colors for general background, led...

By: Azabache Systems


TGaugeEdit 0.1

The TGaugeEdit component is a combination of a TEdit control and a progress gauge. The gauge is drawn as a gradient underneth the TEdit's text.The...

By: Brendan Rempel


TCMDigit & TCMDisplay 1.0

Digital display (like pocket computer or calculator) with up to 32 digits in 7-segment, 5x7 dot or 5x7 square style. Many properties to change the...

By: Christian Maas


TRectLed 1.20

Can be set to an LED, a Button, or a Switch. Full 3D look with customizable bevel style and width. On and Off states can each be set to any color....

By: Curtis A. White