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ShadowPanel 0.9

Added a Title region and background shadow to the Tpanel. Shadow depth is variable as is the size, color and font for the title region.Component is...

By: Richard Sydney-Smith

Freeware 1.0

Label3dBorder - label with possibility of setting 5 different kinds of 3-dimensional borders and an option of vertical alignment of the

By: Steen Hjelmstrand


Mouse Friendly Package 1.2

6 improved components, sensitively reacting to the mouse, derived from TLabel, TPanel, TBevel and TBitBtn.a
The changes and additions are

By: Sergey Kirichenko


DragEffects 1.0

When dragging files in Windows Explorer you can hold down the Control or Alt key to make a copy or a shortcut to the file rather than just moving...

By: Dave Carlile


Kamchatka Button 1.2

The modern button from Kamchatka. 4 styles, Color & HotColor, Alignment & Margin properties. Help and Demo included.<BR>* free for...

By: Sergey Kirichenko



Component for Inputting Feet and Inches (ex. 1 - 1 5/8) and also decimal feet or decimal inches (ex. 120.0625 IN and 10.0 FT).
The user can...

By: Gary Mueller


TEnhancedEdit 1.46

TEnhancedEdit is derived from TEdit, with text-alignment and value and integer-value

By: Simon Reinhardt


TALSEdit 2.00

This component introduces some useful features to the standard TEdit: it can: Align text, Allow numeric input, Auto format numbers while typing...

By: Alessandro Loffredo