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nrComm Lib provide some tools for performing serial communicationstasks for Delphi/CBuilder development. nrComm Lib contents comprehensiveset of serial communications components with the following features:Ecomport management (open, configure, close, etc.) component TnrCommEZmodem file transfer protocolETAPI (Telephony API) component for access to TAPI devicesEVoice TAPI devices support with wide sound redirection functions.Now very easy to redirect sound from voice modem to standard sound speakers or from microphone to modem.ESpeech API support. Text-To-Speech component with sound output to voice modem.Ebuilt in simple Terminal support for standard Delphi TCustomEdit componentsEinput/output properties and methods, TEventList for the on-fly bytesequence monitoringE ready solution for BarCode scanners - TnrBarCodeScan componentEevents for received data, matched received data, line errors, modem statusEwide range of built-in functions for flexible data processingEsupport Delphi 3/4/5/6/7, C++Builder 3/4/5/6Efull context helpEsimple installation programE... and more


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