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VectorControl is an ActiveX control(dll) for 2D vector graphics application development.
It includes a simple and easy to use vector editor designed as a standard property page.
Can be used for creating simple animations, SCADA systems,networking,technical drawings and diagrams.
VectorControl Control supports most popular development platforms including VB, VC++,Delphi,C++Builder etc.


Graphics editor integrated into IDE.
Automatically saves drawing to a form resource file.
Serialize/deserialize objects to/from disk file or data buffer.
Filling text and Shapes with linear and path gradients.
Transparent lines and fills, antialiasing.
Open and closed curves and paths.
Group objects.
Compound paths for creating 3D like shapes.
Mouse Events.
Rotated text and shapes, zooming.
Unique identifiers for graphic objects.
Includes samples for Visual Basic, Visual C++, C++Builder and Delphi.
VectorControl is Royalty Free.


Activex Component - Cad - Delphi Component - Graphic Activex - Graphic Component - Scada - Technical Drawing - Vector Graphics - Vector Graphics Activex - Vector Graphics Control

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