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The TatukGIS Developer Kernel (DK) is a comprehensive GIS development toolkit provided as a Delphi/C++Builder VCL. The toolkit incorporates 2,200 public/protected functions and properties in 120 classes. The DK is royalty-free for desktop application development. Important features:

Supports the leading GIS, CAD, and raster imagery formats: SHP, E00, MIF/MID, TAB (both vector and raster), DXF, DGN, TIGER, SQL, TIFF, GeoTIFF, JPEG, BMP, SPOT, PixelStore (for SQL-based pixel coverages)
A single visual layer/legend/property control for all aspects of the map appearance
Topological operations, such as buffers, intersections, unions, etc.
Joins to external SQL databases via ADO/ODBC or DBX
R-Tree spatial indexing
Advanced pixel layer operations, such as histograms equalizations, color coding, layer transparency, etc.
Thematic mapping, custom rendering, scale control
Pie and bar charts
Advanced editing support
Supports GPS, geocoding, and optimal routing
CGM and TrueType symbols for points and lines; CGM, TrueType, and WMF symbols for fills
Advanced label placement, overlap avoidance
Universal support of language characters (Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, etc.)
Most projections, datums, ellipsoids
Free of all Dynamic Library Links and 3rd party libraries, resulting in user applications that are easy to install and uninstall
Applications compile into a single executable file
Modern, free of software legacy limitations
Very small footprint and extremely fast
Guarantee, support, and upgrades for first year at no additional charge.



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