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ActiveX data-binding - handle images as easily as conventional data types - Optimize image quality, compression, application performance, bandwidth and storage - TWAIN Scanner and Digital-Camera integration - Manage web or intranet image content - Create 'purposed' images (e.g. thumbnail, detail, print, archive) - Store images in database tables, external files, or a mixture of both, to build scalable, manageable solutions - Automate image processing and content management - Work with all common databases and field types, eg Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and other databases with OLE Object, Blob, or equivalent long binary data types - Use with Microsoft® Access, Visual Basic®, Internet Explorer, Visual C++®, VBScript, VBA, DAO, ADO, RDS and more - Compressed bitmap image storage using industry-standard jpeg encoding or lossless png - Ideal for standalone, client/server and browser-based applications. Examples include: online product catalogues, stock and inventory databases, content management, personnel systems, membership management, image publishing and libraries, photo archives, law enforcement, document management, auction, property, real estate and auto sites.


Access - Activex - Ado - Ammara - Asp - Aware - Binding - Bitmap - Blob - Bmp - Bound - Browser - Camera - Catalogue - Component - Compression - Content - Control - Dao - Data - Database - Dbpix - Develop - Developer - Development

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