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With the advent of LAN based RAID Arrays in the Terabytes and home PCs shipping with hard drives that are measured in the tens of Gigabytes - it has never been more important to know not only how much space is being used, but where it is being used and what it is made up of. This is the main purpose of Disk Triage. It is a specialized utility that sizes and analyses any directory you choose. It presents the sizing information to you using a powerful Tree View, Graphs and Reports. DiskTriage also provides the ability to export the gathered data to Excel and to save the sizing information to a Database and/or XML.As well as the raw sizing information Disk Triage provides robust analysis graphs, lists and reports showing breakdowns by file size, attribute, dates (Create/Modify/Access), time, registered file types, file extension, file owner, etc. No other utility provides this amount of detailed information about the files that make up your disk space.


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