Sybase DB-Library Component Pack 1.0

Version: 1.0




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This file contains the source and header file for the Sybase DB-Library components. It includes quite a few uncompleted components and 15 fully functional components. The functional components are: SybCheckListBox, SybGenerate (version of the Database Form Wizard), SybGrid, SybLabel, SybTabListBox, SybSProc, SybNavigator, SybRadioButton, SybCheckBox, SybQuery, SybDatabase, SybTable,SybEdit, SybComboBox, SybListBox. A Sybase Form Wizard (under the Help menu item).All these components are Read-Only. They do not update the underlying tables. These components connect directly to Sybase and there is no DLL or BDE, only the Sybase Open Client DLL (LIBSYBDB.DLL). All these components compile into the EXE without any runtime files necessary to run the application. It works with Sybase 4.92, System 10.x and System11.x. With some modification, they should be able to connect to MS SQL Server.


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