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MySQL Data Access Components library provides direct access to MySQL database server. MyDAC is a set of VCL native components for Borland Delphi, Kylix and C++ Builder. MyDAC works directly through native MySQL interface that allows to avoid installation and configuration of BDE and ODBC.Using MySQL Data Access gives you the following advantages:No distribution, installation and configuration is required for BDE and ODBC; You can use any Delphi Professional Edition to develop client/server applications;Supports MySQL specific features;Simplifies data updating;Speeds up fetch of records from database;Provides automatic refresh for records;Advanced design time editors;Interface (methods, properties) of MyDAC components is similar to those of standard BDE data access components (TDatabase, TQuery, ..); Supports all data-aware components;Uses MyBuilder Add-in for visual building complex SELECT statements;Optimized memory management model for string fields;DB Monitor support;and many other features.


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