DBISAM Database System 4.24.1

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The DBISAM Database System is a proprietary database system designed from the ground up to merge the best features of the various local database formats available for the Delphi developer. DBISAM is targeted at the Delphi developer developing applications for single-user and multi-user use with heavy distribution requirements (such as shareware or downloadable software) or for small inhouse installations on a LAN such as Novell Netware, Windows NT, LANtastic, or Windows 95 networking. The features of DBISAM include:Compiles into the application's. EXE;Small footprint, around 300k;Available for all versions of Delphi with the same set of functionality across all versions;Transparent single-user and multi-user usage, no special setup needed to support multi-user use;Built-in repair facilities;Much more...


Borland - Cbuilder - Database - Delphi - Embedded - Engine - Fast - Kylix - Odbc - Small

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