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Filesystem Dialogs is an external library for use in Win32 (9x/ME/2K/XP) software.It's purpose is to provide the most powerful and efficient (yet easy to use), file and folder selection options and file managament tools for this session. The basic view is the Lister mode. This is the enhanced version of the Explorer lister.Filesystem Dialogs features: All column position/width and sorting settings are saved for every applicationand/or you can choose to always use your favourite view mode. Has a very hiqh quality thumbnail mode (that supports much more formats then thedefault Windows dialog, and display audio files too (.) Taged with ID3v2 and containing aSESC frame. Drag&Drop for files/folders (you can drop files from Windows explorer onto thewindow too). In thumbnail mode if pictures are found inside the folder, the folder's neme isabove the thumbs, if no picture is found it's on the center (looks very good). If bass.dll is found thumbnails are generated from all audio files (all fileformats that BASS actually supports, or there is plugin loaded for the particularformat). And the most important: Has a customizable favorite folders list on the left,which serves you with one easy click always. Requirements: Delphi, VB, C++, or any developer environment that supports the stdcall calling convention. The Filesystem Dialogs component is free for non-money making use... if you arenot charging for the software, then you can use Filesystem Dialogs in it forFREE.Filesystem Dialogs is available for use in your shareware and commercial software.The license types available are as follows:


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