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These days, information technologies progress so fast that we sometimes fail to catch up. Faster processors and graphics boards, bigger storage and of course, better operating systems. Latest Windows offer so many features, that sometimes it seems there is no way to master the system complexity. Interfaces change every year or so just to make it easier for us to use the computer power.However that is not enough. People tend to bring their own ways of thinking to computer operation process. Thatls where system interface rigidity creates the utmost frustration for end users. Letls say we want to press one key on keyboard or click mouse button once to get something to run. The system usually says LNo!l Instead it offers you to follow its hierarchy-based logics thru multiple clicks, moves and key presses. So, do we have to cope with this?No way! Divcom Software is here to bring you the ultimate freedom! No more ocommon-senseo logics! You decide what, when and how the computer should do. With just one click or just one key press!Introducing Active Tray, a truly unique piece of software to allow you control the system actions as it seems convenient to you! Once installed on a computer system, Active Tray minimizes to a TaskTray icon taking almost no space on your screen and leaving significantly small memory and processor usage footprint. Now, are you ready to take control? Letls go!With just a couple of clicks you can configure Active Tray in such a way that all your favorite folders, documents, Internet addresses and programs become available with either one mouse click or one key press! Thatls right! Press one key and you are surfing the web, press another key and you are working on your latest document or playing a favorite game. Need to open Userls Application Data folder? OK, no problems! No need to search for it, just press a key!Stop wasting your time! Start using computer the way you want! Go ahead and download Active Tray now!


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