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As computers take on more and more automated tasks, they seem to spend more and more time fully powered on. In many cases personal computers are left running 24 hours a day just to execute some tasks that the computer may do during non-working hours.For example, a disk utility may be set to defrag the hard disk during the middle of the night, or as we move into the era of the digital home, a computer may be left running so that the PVR software can record the user's favorite TV show.Allowing a computer to go into standby or hibernation and then waking it as needed is a much smarter option. Certainly there are tasks that require the computer to be always on, but for other tasks there is often a better method.Shut Down Expert is designed to resolve these problems of your computer. It supports more type of events:Turn Off (to turn off the computer)Turn On (this option will hibernate the computer and will turn it on at the specified time)Restart (to restart the computer)Log Off (to log off the current user)Turn Off Monitor (to turn off the display)Screen Saver (to turn the screen saver on)StandbyHibernate (hibernate the computer)Wake Up (wake up the computer from Hibernation, Standby, Monitor Off and Screen Saver modes)Start Application (to execute an application)Close Application (to close an application)Empty Recycle BinEmpty ClipboardEject CD-ROMClose CD-ROMCapture Screen (to capture the screen in a bitmap)Message (this option will give a message alert)Send Message (this option will send a message to other computers)DownloadCustom keyboard events.You can also generate remote events on remote machines if your IP address is set as a server on the remote machine.At the setting of the event's execution time you can choose between more options:You can specify exactly the date and the time of the eventYou can specify an interval of time relative to a specified date and timeYou can specify an interval of time relative to the actual momentYou can specify an event that will be executed in that momentYou can specify a time when an event will be executed every day. The settings will be available after a power failure or a restart of the computer too. Shut Down experts supports DCD infrared remote control receivers through WinLirc. In this way you can control your computer through any remote control.


Automatically - Close - Computer - Hibernate - Hibernation - Idle - Lock - Pc - Power - Program - Programmatically - Restart - Resume - Schedule - Shut Down Expert - Sleep - Standby - Start - Startup - Timer - Turn Off - Turn On - Wake Up

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