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TurboDB for Delphi and C++ Builder is a modern fast embedded database that is used to replace Paradox/BDE and make your application faster, more reliable and future-proof.
+ Written in Delphi, dcu files can be linked into your application, therefore no separate dll or bpl
+ High BDE-compatibility on component level (database, table and query component)
+ Includes component designers for database conversion, creation, table management etc.
+ Very fast multi-user access also compared to other databases on the market
+ Comprehensive SQL support including ALTER TABLE, UNION/EXCEPT/INTERSECT and sub-queries
+ Ultra-fast full-text search in selected columns with and, or and not operators
+ Various encryption methods for your data including Blowfish and Rijndael (also for indexes and temporary tables)
+ Guarantees data consistency through checks, foreign keys, calculated columns and transactions
+ Supports all languages through definable comparison and sorting rules on table and column level
+ Switch easily between in-process and client/server database, no source code changes
+ License cost includes excellent support (we often even analyze your project) and all minor updates
+ Available from Delphi 6/C++ Builder 6 to RAD Studio 2010 (w/o Delphi 8)
+ Choose between a single database file and separate table and index files (like in Paradox)
+ Very good online documentation integrated in Delphi help
+ Calculated indexes, default values, calculated fields
+ Comes with an extensive user interface for database management
+ Fast string sorting through specialized string index structure
+ Ability to spread database files over multiple computers
+ Offers specialized column types for enumerations and relationships (one-to-many and many-to-many)
+ Full Unicode support, since Delphi 2009 even natively
+ Includes demo programs to show major features


Bde Alternative - Bde Replacement - C++ Builder - Client/Server Database - Creation - Database Engine - Database Library - Dcu Files Can Be Linked Into Your Application - Default Values - Desktop Database - Embedded Database - Foreign Keys - In-Process Database - More Reliable And Future-Proof. + Written In Delphi - Multi-User Database - Paradox Alternative - Paradox Replacement - Sql Database -

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