Onix Full Text Search and Retrieval Engine 3.0

Version: 3.0




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Onix is a high performance search engine toolkit suitable for integration into a wide range of applications from large scale websites to document and knowledge management systems, help desk software, legal support systems, etc. Onix uses very little memory for indexing and its easy to use API allows you to get up and going with a minimal amount of effort. In addition, Onix is highly flexible allowing it to be adapted to a wide range of different applications easily. A small list of Onix's many features includes: <BR>* Easy to use API. <BR>* Small index overhead. <BR>* Multiple index styles. <BR>* Index stores full word positional information. <BR>* Relevancy ranked searches using the latest research in relevancy ranking. <BR>* Boolean searches including phrase, proximity, wildcards, etc. <BR>* Cross platform index / datafiles. <BR>* API available for Solaris, MacOS (9/10), Linux, BeOS in addition to being available for Windows.<BR> * Database syncronization features. <BR>* Extremely fast indexing and query processing. <BR>* Small memory footprint both for indexing and for searching. <BR>* Wordlist is accessible. <BR>* Dynamic index allows insertions and deletions. <BR>* Multiple character sets supported (including Unicode). <BR>* Fielded query support. <BR>* Small installation size. <BR>* etc...<BR>


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