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This package contains lookups components not included in Delphi VCL:1) TLookupFill is a non visual component that gives you apossibility automathicaly to fill up one or more fields fromone data source with associated values of corresponding fields from another data source. Association between data sources is made by key fields. When you fill some of key fields and they match between sources, TLookupFill will fill up automaticaly all associated result fields. 2) TLookupDialog enables you to simplify entering of data in fields associated with fields from another data source. Once the link between fields of two data sources isdefined TLookupDialog gives you a possibility interactively to select data from the second data source. It enables you to create fully dynamically customizablelookup dialogs depending on the application context. 3) TSmartDBLookup combines capabilities of TlookupFill and TLookupDialog. Because of the tight logical link between functionality of TLookupFill and TlookupDialog they are usually used together. TSmartDBLookupsimplifies setting up of two components as one logical component.


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