BDE eXpress for Vista 2.0

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BDE eXpress for Vista




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"BDE eXpress for Vista" installs an adapted "Borland Database Engine" (BDE) to acces Paradox- und dBase-Datenbases under Windows Vista. Integrated tool to backup databases and upgrade to the vista compatible data format Paradox 7.

The Borland Database Engine (shortly BDE ) is an interface of the company Firma Borland Inc. to access databases. It provides the access to well known databases as dBase and Paradox.

A lot of well known programs are using the BDE. Normally the user don'nt know that he's using the BDE. But if he try to run the same program unter Windows Vista appears the message
" Error initializing the Borland Database Engine". At this moment it is obvious that not the software is bad but there's no compatible instalation of the BDE for Windows Vista present.

With "Windows Vista" Microsoft introduced a lot of changes egarding the file acces and rights of users and programs.
Per default the original BDE is'nt made for "Windows Vista" specific environment conditions. This does'nt mean that BDE is'nt a professionel database system. Well installed on Windows Vista the BDE runs as confidential as ever on other Windows systems.


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