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The ZipTV components currently support 46 compression and decompression algorithms from the most widely used compression utilities (blakhole, gzip, jar, lha, cab, tar, uuencode, zip, ace, arc, arj, rar, tar, zoo).Supported archive types include archives compressed in the Dos, Win95 / 98 / 2000, Windows NT, and the Unix operating environments.All components contained in the ZipTV package are fully compatible with Win95/98/NT operating systems.Most compression, decompression, encryption, and decryption components in the ZipTV component suite are 100% Delphi coded. They require no external DLL's or shell to external programs.French version also available from Web site


Ace - Arc - Arj - Blakhole - Borland - C++ Builder - Cab - Cabinet - Component - Components - Compress - Compression - Decompress - Decompression - Deflate - Deflate.Pas Deflate64.Pas - Delphi - Dll - Free - Freeware - Gzip - Inflate - Inflate64 - Inprise - Jar

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