VCLZip Lite 2.23

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VCLZip is a full featured, native Delphi VCL zip/unzip component. Some of the Features include:Create zip files fully compatable with PKZipCompletely native Delphi VCL NO DLL's.Full support for Disk Spanning ArchivesZip directly from streams to zip filesUnzip directly to streams from zip filesStream to Stream compression and extractionZipping from and Unzipping directly to memory buffersIntegrity checking of individual files in archivesSave Relative Path Information.Extract relative paths even when archive contains full path info.Create and read Zip and File CommentsCorrectly attach Self Extracting Zip Stubs (16 bit and 32 bit distributable windows sfx stubs included, with source)Create customizable 32bit SFX files, with or without existing zip filesComplete support for password protected, encrypted files (encrypts as it zips)Complete support for long filenames even in Delphi 1.Exclusion List - Determine what types of files should not be in your zip filesNoCompress List - Determine what types of files should just be stored in your zip filesDetermine your own temp directoryPlenty of eventsIncludes comprehensive Zip Utility with source as demoIncludes a stream zipping demoNo Royalties.


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