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DriveCrypt Plus Pack (DCPP) is a Full disk encryption software which partially or fully encrypts your hard disk including the operating system, allowing pre-boot authentication. The User enters a password on computer start up, before the operating system boots up. DCPP is the fastest and most feature-rich real-time encryption system available. Special care has been taken to render all cryptographic parts as invisible & transparent as possible.


128 Bit - 1344 Bit - 256 Bit - 448 - Aladdin - Biometric Device - Biometry - Container - Cryptdisk - Dcpp - Disk Encryption - Diskcrypt - Drive Crypt - Drive Crypt Plus Pack - Drivecript - Drivecrypt - Drivecrypt Plus Pack - Drivescrypt - Encryption - Fingerprint - Fingerprint Reader - Hard Disk Encryption - Key - Notebook Protection - On The Fly

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