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This is New Anti-Debugging & Anti-Monitors routines provide a good way to prevent *lame* people from spying your code.With ADP Component, you could protect your program from being cracked or running without your permission.The main aspiration of ADP Component is to make the crackers meet more difficulty to crack your program. You may have some critical code in your program, such as judge the correct of inputted Serial n- or registration informations.Nowadays, it is easy to crack and modify program's code. Now ADP Component could help you.Of course,to enhance this function, ADP Component have some especial code to defeat most debuggers & Monitors, MemEditors (WDasm32, SoftIce, TRW 2000, FileMon, RegSpy, ExeSpy, AntiProcDump, other). For Delphi & C++Builder


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