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If you are a Delphi programmer and need to market your software securely, and you want that your potential customers evaluate your products before to buy them, probably AVLock SIMPLE would be the solution that you were wanted for.

Also, with this small component you will be able to manage from internet the whole licensing cycle of your application, namely:

Start the trial period.
Extend the trial period.
The user buy the application and send data to your website.
The user activate the application.
The user optionally moves the license to another computer.


Allow to achieve the licensing operations offline through registration keys.

With your application installed into a network, allow to register each computer at independent way.

Allow to manage the number of concurrent user for your application into a network environment.

Allow to configure your application to be installed into a removable disk like a pendrive, memory stick, etc.

Through the registration works AVLock SIMPLE attach your application to the computer using some numbers coming from several sources of the machine (from the BIOS, from the CPU, from the hard disk, from the network card, etc.), called the InstallCodeSources. Based in these numbers is calculated the InstallCode and based in the Installcode finally is calculated the registration key to register the application. So your application is attached to only one machine and will not work on other computers.

While the trial period allow to detect when an user get back the system date, perhaps with the purpose to stay using your application after expiration, so you will be able to stop the program when that occurs.


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