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ADAC DB-RAD package is a powerful set of non-visual components, forms and application templates to help developers to make better & robust db-applications faster.ADAC main components include : TAppSettings: Concentrates Application install/update details, parameters, masks & Data settings.TDataSettings: Manages custom data settings on every form.TDataControl: Manages DataSets, Data Focus, SQL, Data permisions and Data Actions.TDataButtons: Translates button orders to dataactions to attached DataControl.TDataFilter: Manages user defined filters & transfer to DataControl component.TDataColumns: Manages position, visibility & length of every dbgrid column.ADAC Forms ( with all source ) gives you Visual design independence. ADAC non-visual components do all dirty work behind the scenes so you get :ADO & BDE project templates.DMSystem & DMSystemBase SQL functions, SQLDebug, export, printing, installation & more.Customizable forms hierarchy with automatic repositioning.Security, user permissions & resource access (ADACSecurity unit).Multi-languaje applications even in runtime.Cascaded updates (TSQLCtrlItem & TSQLConstraintItem objects & lists).Better Edit & advanced list masks (TNamedMasks object ).Package contains 3 demo with all source & documentation.


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