Components, Scripts, Codes: Delphi / Components Collection

DB SCI Graph 1.0

Component for Delphi and C++ Builder for data visualization.....

By: Dirk Billand


Pro CL Extensions Library 1.60

Pro VCL Extensions Library is a freeware component library. It includes 25components and several useful classes, procedures and functions....

By: Dmitry G. Barabash


Pro VCL Extensions Library 1.86

Pro VCL Extensions Library is a freeware component library. It includes 28 components and several useful classes, procedures and...

By: Dmitry G. Barabash


Common Controls Components Package (Delphi 4) 1.0

This package contains some useful components: TDBSpinEdit; TDBEGrid; TFloatSpinEdit; CustomDBMultiCheckBox; TStringDBMultiCheckBox.And is equipped...

By: EDA Delphi Team


Cool PSetting 3.0f

Cool PSetting is the final word in application state management. With little or no coding, you can give your application the features that end...

By: Homepage


VCL Component Pack 1

VCL component pack 1 provides for over 30 VCL components and classes, 17 of which are design time controls as well. The controls contain several...

By: Cytron Research


Platinum Controls 0.04

Apple Macintosh OS8 style Platinum controls for Delphi. Currently includes full implementation of CheckBox and Button controls, 2d progress...

By: Damien Guard


Fundamentals - Utilities Library 3.12

Collection of code libraries:Utility functions for Integer, Bit, Set, Float, Memory and Dynamic ArraysAnsi String functionsDate and Time...

By: David Butler


XPlorer Package 1.0

The Delphi Package XPLorer contains five components you can use to adapt the design of your applications to the Windows...

By: Bengt Beier


Sonket Dev left over VCLs

Sonket Dev left over VCL's. No package, each vcl is in its own directory that has the class name. Application included to compile the examples...

By: Bernt Levinsson


TbcParser - Math Expression Parser 1.01

TbcParser parses and evaluates mathematical expressions given as strings at runtime. User defined variables and functions are allowed in the...

By: Bestcode Support


BI Library 1.0 Beta

A collection of 18 components, including:TBI_Button: An IE / Office 97 button, with accelerator char support, dropdownmenus, grayed glyphs...

By: Bjoern Ischo


Bluecave Components 1.0.0

Bluecave Components is a package containing several visual and non-visual components. In addition there are some helper classes and functions. For...

By: Bluecave Software


Codebot Class Library 1.00.01

Inside this package you will find two libraries: The bare controls library, and the codebot controls libary.The bare controls library was an...

By: BoxBoy


Branko's Utility Components 1.2

Contains:Only Instance Component - Check if program is started more then once.Hyperlink Label - Embed a real Internet hyperlink directly into your...

By: Branko Dimitrijevic


EzToolsLib ActiveX Control Pack

WOW WebBrowser ActiveX Control HotButton ActiveX Control HotList HTML Listbox ActiveX Control HotLink Hyperlink ActiveXBrowserList HTML List...

By: Brett Goodman


CSS Component Suite 2.0

CSS Developer Components Suite is a collection of Delphi components designed to give you the tools to build professional, modern looking...

By: CSS Software


CBSuite for Delphi 4 8.0

CBSuite form, grid, report and print component suite for Delphi 4. Consists of five integrated component modules CBPrint, CBReport, CBSort, CBGraph...

By: Calitz Bros


CBSuite 7.5

Form, report & print component suite that enables Delphi users to preview & print almost anything you can place on a form or window quickly...

By: Calitz Bros


Instrument VCL Pack 3.6

A package of 13 common instrumentation interface and graphic VCL components for Delphi and C++Builder, It includes the Annunciator, LiGauge,...

By: Century Soar Technology Co., Ltd