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Visual VCL Pack1 provides for over 30 VCL components and classes, 17 ofwhich are design time controls. The controls fall into fourbroad catagories namely edit controls, utility controls and graphical selection controls and custom drop down combo controlsThe edit controls comprises of a rich edit 2.0 control, which supports OLE linking and embedding, and a Listbox control which caters for the displayof both text and images.The utility controls comprise of a spell checker control, design time storage controls which are a binary streaming control, a stringlist streaming control as well as a file storage control. in addition, the utility controls include a 128 bit encryption control.The graphical selection controls comprise of a 3-D image array control which provides the functionality of a multiple button array and a multi columntree view control.The custom drop down combo control include the base classes to allow one to derive their own drop down control. Drop down controls supplied include as calculatorcombo control and a tree view combo control.The functionality of these controls are supported by several helper VCL classes.


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