Translucent Controls Volume 1 1.0

Version: 1.0




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Components in Volume 1 TTrLabel :x95 TStrings property for multiple lines of text. x95 Text wordwrapping. x95 Custom TColor property. x95 0..255 opacity range, changeable in realtime. TTrEdit :x95 3 different Win32 styles (raised/sunken/etched).x95 Custom Bitmap skin.x95 Custom TColor Property.x95 0..255 opacity range, changeable in realtime.TTrButton :x95 Skinnable button control with 3 states (normal/hover/down).x95 Custom shape from a 1 bit mask bitmap. x95 Can be grouped like standard TSpeedButton. x95 Custom TColor property. x95 0..255 opacity range.TTrCheckbox :x95 Checkbox control with 3 default Win32 frame types (sunken/raised/etched).x95 Custom bitmaps for checked states.x95 3 different checked styles for the default Win32 display (cross/tick/box).x95 Custom TColor property.x95 0..255 opacity range.TTrRadioButton :x95 Radiobutton control with default Win32 style or optional bitmap checkstate.x95 Custom TColor property.x95 0..255 opacity range.TTrGroupBox :x95 Groupbox with custom bitmap background. x95 6 different glyph mapping types.x95 Custom TColor property.x95 0..255 opacity range.TTrPanel :x95 Panel with custom bitmap background option.x95 6 glyph mapping types. x95 True translucent bevel controls and bevel width.x95 Custom TColor property.x95 0..255 opacity range.TTrURLLabel :x95 Label with an additional URL property for opening in browser.x95 4 link TFont properties to mimic CSS specifications. x95 OnExecuteURL event.x95 Custom TColor property.x95 0..255 opacity range.TTrProgressBar :x95 Progressbar with Win32 or custom gradient type ControlDrawStyle.x95 Vertical or Horizontal orientation. x95 BackColor and gaugeColor property.x95 0..255 opacity range. TTrSplitter :x95 Splitter with Win32 or custom glyph ControlDrawStyle.x95 4 types of SplitStyle ... stNone, stBevel (Bevel in standard TSplitter), stDragBar (Netscape type), stGradientBar (WinXP type). x95 Custom DotSpacing in stDragBar and stGradientBar.x95 DotRaised/DotSunken property.x95 0..255 opacity range.TTrGaugeBar :x95 Gaugebar with 5 different types of display (gkText, gkVerticalbar, gkHorizontalbar, gkPie, gkNeedle).x95 Antialiased pie and needle displays. x95 4 different border types.x95 Custom TColor property.x95 0..255 opacity range.


32bit - Adware Removal - Affiliate - Animated Gifs - Animation - Annotate Pdf - Anonymous Surfing - Antivirus - Applet - Architect - Architecture - Artist - Asset Management Software - Authoring - Auto Threshold - Avi - Bernard - Bernard D&G - Bhattacharjee - Blend Modes - Bookmark Pdf - Browse Images - Brush Nibs - Brushes - Builder

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