The SemWare Editor Professional/32 (TSE Pro/32) 3.0

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The SemWare Editor Professional/32 (TSE Pro/32) v3.0 for WIN9x/Me/NT/2000/XP is a command-line (console mode) text editor that is ideal for programmers, for users needing to manipulate data files (both large and small), as well as anyone needing a fast, powerful, general purpose text editor. Load as many files (long filenames supported) as Window's virtual memory will allow. Files may be loaded in normal text mode or in binary mode (great for editing/viewing non-ASCII files), and additionally offers a HEX mode view, which can be toggled on/off for each file. Use the editor's video macro to adjust the size of the editor's display on the Windows desktop, choosing one of the predefined window sizes, a custom defined size, or choose to use the maximum columns/rows of Windows desktop. Some of the many features of the editor include: Powerful macro programming language (over 500+ commands, including the ability to call DLLs) with debugger; multi-language compiler support; load and/or execute macros from within the editor, or from the command line; configurable menus/keyboard; block marking operations (includes column, character, and line based blocks); regular expression search/replace; color syntax highlighting; spelling checker; pop-up ASCII chart; Windows clipboard support (in addition to editor's internal clipboard); interactive configuration; context-sensitive help system; plus MUCH more! KEY FEATURES for this release of the editor are Multilevel Undo/Redo; option to search subdirectories for matching files when loading or selecting files; macro to search external files for a string; dynamic visual brace match macro; Browse mode for Read Only viewing of files; Handy startup menu option; Additional user-interface file, featuring common windows key assignments; New macro language events, and 70 new commands for the macro language are included in this release.


2000 - 95 - 98 - 98se - Color Syntax Highlighting - Column Blocks - Demo - Editor - Features - Formerly Called Qedit - Gui - Macro Language - Macros - Me - Nt - Programmers Editor - Programmers Text Editor - Regular Expressions - Script Language - Semware Applications Language - Source Code Editor - Source Editor - Syntax Highlighting - Text Editor - Tse Jr

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