SDL Component Suite for Delphi 5 7.0

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The SDL Component Suite for Delphi contains 28 Delphi units covering a wide range of applications in science and engineering, e.g. math, statistics, chemistry, data visualisation, modelling, etc. Together with programming example the entire component suite sums up to a total of approx. 90000 lines of code.

CData - some fundamental chemistry related routines
CForm - molecular formulas
ChemGrph - a component for displaying chemical structures
ColSel - a color select box for selecting system colors
CStruct - a unit for handling chemical structure
DirTree - a directory outline component (deprecated)
DStruct - FIFO buffers, bit arrays, RL encoder
FileSys - a collection of system and file related routines
Fourier - a fast Fourier transform (FFT) component
GeoMap - a component to work with geographic maps and calibrated images
GradFl - a gradient fill component
Kohonen - a component to simulate a Kohonen map
Math1 - a collection of basic math/statistics routines
Math2 - a collection of advanced math/statistics routines
Matrix - for manipulating matrices
Meter - a good old index meter component
NTabEd - numerical table editor
NumLab - a numeric label component
NumIO - fail-safe input of formatted numbers
Plot3D - a component to display color-coded 3D surfaces
PolChart - a component to display polar diagrams
RChart - the award winning scientific/engineering chart component
RepList - a component for displaying reports
Rot3D - a component to display 3D data and rotate them on-screen
SDLBase - a collection of common declaration used by the other units
Statis - statistical functions, normal, t-, F-, and chi-square distribution
Streams - a collection of routines for handling streams
StringL - string processing and regular expression search
UnivConst - a collection of universal constants and conversion factors
Vector - handling of vectors


3d - Analysis - Borland - C++Builder - Chemical - Cluster - Components - Data - Delphi - Distributions - Editor - Expression - Fft - Formulas - Fourier - Grep - Map - Mathematics - Matrix - Meter - Rchart - Regular - Rotation - Search - Statistics

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