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LMD ElPack is a collection of more than 170 native VCL (about 30 native CLX) components for everyday work, that extend functionality of VCL/CLX controls, and also introduce lots of new features and customizable look-and-feel.LMD ElPack brings your development process to higher level by solving common programming tasks for you. LMD ElPack components cover about 90-95% of your everyday needs in specialized components. In other words, almost everything you would like to do with the use of component, you can do with LMD ElPack. With LMD ElPack you can internationalize your application easier. Say VCL doesn't support Unicode? With LMD ElPack help it does. From version 3.0 LMD ElPack provides complete Unicode support including Unicode hints for components (use ElHTMLHint component). This means that you can make your Delphi applications truly support Unicode even on Windows 9x/ME.If you want your application to look modern on Windows XP with XP themes enabled, LMD ElPack will do this for you. LMD ElPack components have built-in support for Windows XP themes.Some of the new features in Release 5.0 are:Almost 20 new controls. Check http://www.lmd.de/mfs/products/LMDElPack50.php for a list of all available controls and to learn differences between ElPack SE, Standard and Professional.Complete restructure of code base. Applications created with LMD ElPack 5 will be slightly smaller than applications created with LMD ElPack 4.X (though many new features were added). Despite those drastic changes your projects can be ported to ElPack 5 with no or only minor changes.New TElXTree and ElXStringGrid controls. Especially TElXTree supports now great new features like independent item cells, cascading styles, cell merging, rectangular ranges and random cell selection, fixed top and bottom rows, new multiline header with independent cells, adjustable gutter columns, support of calculation cells with formula support and more more. Same features are certainly available for data-aware versions as well.New extended DB controls like TELDBTreeNavigator for navigating within tree controls or TElWideDBLookupComboGrid and TElDBTreeLookupComboGridEdit for lookup comboboxes which can display grids for record selection. New TElInspectorDBDataSource control which allows simple and effective browsing through database tables.Improved Unicode support, especially for Win9X platforms and the Shell Controls.Shares now same common designtime package and additional designtime features like LMD-Tools. Both LMD-Tools 7.X and ElPack 5.X can now be simply installed into one common installation directory.New designtime editors like the HTML Caption editor which was integrated for all HTML supporting tools or DBRelation editor which allows visual specification of Master-Detail relationships.New Container classes like TElFormContainer/TLMDFormPageControl or TElHTMLContainer which allow centralized control and storage of forms and HTML text snippets. Many ElPack controls can be linked to these containers and thus can share such resources. Also internal hyperlinks between snippets within an HTML container are possible.NEW. Regular Expression evaluation support. Not only available in TElXTree cells, even for independent use in your application. LMD ElPack provides a pascal interface to the PCRE library, which is a set of functions that implement regular expression pattern matching using the same syntax and semantics as Perl. Use TElRegExpr control to test any king of regular expressions (e.g. test for eMail-addresses, text expressions etc.) or TElExpressionEval for evaluating math expressions (supporting custom functions, custom variables and so on.).Many minor enhancements like improved themes support, resizable inplace editors in grid, support of time settings (including clock display) in DateTime pickers and dialogs, improved TElTrayInfo and much more...


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