TIAeverMainMenu and TIAeverPOPMenu 2.08

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Component Provide next:Real semi-transparence 5 kinds (mkSimple,mkWide,mkRects,mkSimpleCorner,mkWideCorner )Free selection of Back Bitmap for each menu list(Tile and stretch) Free selection of Back bitmap(Tile and Stretch) and Main Bitmap(any size , could be transparent) for each item Free Graphics Bar Chosing for any menu list (also for main menu) at 3 positions, with any text and bitmaps(Back and main for each list), any color, any font Option -Continued- added for menu list and for each menu item, so you could to choose only one back bitmap and it will automatically expand on each list/item after with option Continuously (but it rule is break if you choose bitmap manually). So you now need at less quantaty of memory then before. Rarely used items could be hidden and shown (so as it take place in MS Office 2000) by user of menu 6 aligning for main menu (Top,left,right,bottom,noneVertical,noneHorizontal), the at noneVertical,noneHorizontal aligning main menu could be placed at any position at form More then one main menu could be used at form. Animation on opening/closingt menu (could be removed) Full customized splitters at menu 4 types of preffered menu opening orientation (LeftRightTopBottom,RightLeftTopBottom,LeftRightBottomTop,RightLeftBottomTop) 3 types of 3D font style. If length of items list more then menu window height you could free scroll at items list (velocity is customized) Free font and colors selection Keyboard navigation and Quick keys.


Button - Buttons - Component - Components - Delphi Components And Units Writen By Andronov Igor - Indicator - Indicators - Menu - Menues - Unit - Units

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