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Syntax Suite provide some tools for performing syntax highlighting tasks for BorlandDelphi/C++Builder development. The SyntaxSuite contents:TsxEditor is powerful multiline edit control for plain text. It is suitable for editing the source text of many programming languages. It includes:Syntax highlighting property;Bookmarks;Simple and Vertical blocks of selection;Mouse drag-and-drop for selected text;Undo;Gutter;Line markers;Built-in output to printer with syntax and color;Compatibility with the standard actions TEditCopy, TEditUndo etc.;and much more.TsxListBox is powerful list box with wide capabilities.Syntax highlighting property;Check listbox property;3D and 2D check support.TsxPainter is unique component to create your own syntax highlighting painter in design time.Ready painter components for:Pascal/Delphi/Kylix syntax - TsxPasPainterC/C++ syntax - TsxCppPainterSQL Interbase script syntax - TsxSqlIbPainterResource script syntax - TsxRcPainterINI files syntax - TsxIniPainterINF files syntax - TsxInfPainterEmail (EML/MSG/NWS) files syntax - TsxEmlPainterText files highlighting - TsxTxtPainterAssembler x86 syntax - TsxAsmPainter (optionally).TsxManager component helps you to assign necessary painter component for opened file.and more...


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