Pop Out Font Combo Box 1.0

Version: 1.0




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TWPopPutFntCbox is a Corel draw type font combo box that pops out a window with a preview of the curent font when the list portion of the box is droped down. The Preview updates itself to the correct font when the mouse or the selection is moved over a font name in the drop down portion of the box. The Text to show in the pop up box can either be set at dsign time or run time or can automaticlly be the selected text from a TCustomEdit Component attache to the AttachedEdit Property. The component also has a MoveUsedToTop Property, that when enabled will move the selected font to the top of the list and will draw a double line to indicate where the seperation between the regular fonts and the MRU Fonts are. All other asspects of the component are highly configurable.


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