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OCS Plugin Manager is now distributed under an open source license and has a new home on Sourceforge.Using OCS Plugin Manager developers can easily extend any application using Plugins. Using Plugins is extremely easy, simply drop a TOrckaAddinManager component onto a form, set three properties and with one line of code your application has the ability to be extended by plugins.There are two types of plugins, they are Simple. This type of plugin adds menu items and toolbar buttons to an application. Examples of simple plugins include WebLine similar to Delphi Direct and External Tools allows users to add menu's which will launch their favourite applications from your program. Interactive. These are application specific plugins which can control the flow of an application, allowing developers to add functionality to any application without recompiling. TOrckaAddinManager comes with built in support for menu items and toolbars. Managing all resources, memory allocation, menu and toolbar insertion and lots more. As well as this there is a comprehensive help file which is easily integrated into the Delphi IDE.


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