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TResourceAllocationChart, like its name suggests, draws a chart suitable for showing the allocation of shared resources. Those resources could represent shared rooms, cars, in fact anything at all.
Once you have a chart, you can:
* add or delete resources.
* add or delete allocations for each resource.
* change the bar style and colour of any resource, or of any allocation for a resource.
* change the appearance of any particular allocation by changing the pen or brush attributes in the nAllocationDraw event, or by using the OwnerDraw style.
* drag the chart right or left.
* drag an allocation right or left, or even onto another resource.
* click and drag the end of an allocation to expand or contract it.

Compatible with Delphi versions 4, 5, 6 and 7.


Right Or Left - That Is - View An Earlier Or Later Span.

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