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This component displays spider graphs (aka radar graph) with as many axes and lines as you want (keep it readible...).It has numerous properties which apply more particularly to :the axes ( number, colors, individual max and min)its background (transparency, single color, oriented gradient)the number of lines, their color, caption thickness,asoIt tracks mouse moves. Displays lines values near the pointer and/or raises events when the mouse enters or exits a lineSpider graphs are especially usefull to allow your user to easy visualy compare the values of different sets of datas. TQSpiderGraph provides means to easily achieve such a visual comparison :Its line highlighting functions allow you to highlight :The line(s) with the widest or narrowest area ;The one(s) with the highest (or lowest) value(s) on such or such axe ;or simply the one of your choice, using its index.Highlighting can be made using one or a combinaison of the following higlight modes : Change higlighted line(s) color,Change higlighted line(s) thickness;Show the points of this line only ;And why not, do temporarily flash this lineTQSpiderGraph contains much more features. An example is it's ability to optionally auto define the limits of each axe, depending on the values you send to it. It has been developped and tested under D6PE, and comes with full source ;The zip file contains the component source code, a compiled demo and its source, together with an Howto file, in html format.Some screenshots can be seen at http://mapage.noos.fr/qnno/pages/TQSpiderGraph-screenshots.html


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