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Never again re-key legacy data:ParseRat v2.0 Parses, converts and restructures files. Reads most files including XML, web pages and tables, page image print files and other multi-line data blocks from other processes, fixed format, delimited, dBase, structured binary, etc. Can import from system clipboard. Valuable for extracting data from legacy processes or those where data can only be exported as printed reports. Reads ASCII and EBCDIC.Intelligently parses and converts dates (including Julian and Y2K), names and addresses into components, genderize names, etc. can generate Soundex and perform intelligent DeDuplication.Restructure names into different element sequence (e.g. from phonebook format to mailing list format including elimination of noise words like fax line or residence). Generate titles (Mr, Ms. etc) from first names.Convert addresses into standard (user defined) formats.Automatically recognize and extract URL or EMail addresses from input records.Convert string output to UPPER CASE, lower case, Proper Case (Mixed Case - with intelligent handling of capitalization exceptions like McDonald, O'Rourke WordPerfect). Convert numeric information from decimal, hex or scientific to decimal, hex or scientific notation.Convert measurement units and perform arithmetic on incoming fields.Output as XML, fixed format, delimited, mailmerge or dBase. Can export to system clipboard for pasting into other programs and databases. Can be used to generate repetitive code from imported lists of parameters.No Language to learn, all done by point-and-click in Windows.


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