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Have you ever tried to locate an important document, searched for it everywhere and still cannot find it? If you want an organized and orderly filing system, then you need the File Folder Organizer.File Folder Organizer is computer program that helps you organize and manage your paper documents that are stored in file cabinet. No document scanning is needed or required. Rather than actually transferring the documents to your PC, the program allows you to maintain a database of the contents of your filing cabinets. Document titles for recipes, magazine articles, manuals, pamphlets, research papers, proposals, books, product information, client information, bills, blue prints and others are keyed into the program's database. You can also organizer your software, cassette tapes, CD, DVDs, and videotapes. This Windows based program is easy to use, it has the same look and feel as Microsoft Windows Explorer as it presents all keyed information in a tree hierarchy. The tree hierarchy allows you to examine what is filed in your file cabinets without physically accessing the file cabinets. You can Drag and Drop, rename, cut and past, copy, move and delete for ease of access and management of such information. The program has many features that make it powerful yet user friendly. Features such as the Find command so the database can be searched to locate and retrieve the documents from the file cabinets and the Print command so labels and index reports can be printed. Filing may not be your favorite task but with the proper tool, you can successfully set up and maintain an organized, effective filing system.The program's helps eliminate the manual task of sorting and organizing material to be filed, improves the efficiency of filing and retrieving filed material, prevents the potential of miss-placing filed material and provides browse and search capability.


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