Components, Scripts, Codes: Delphi / Bars

SpTBX TaskBar 1.3

This is a TaskBar component which descends from TSpTBXToolbar component from Robert Lees SpTBX extension package

By: Marko Binic


TBX TaskBar 1.3

This is a TaskBar component which descends from TTBXToolbar component from Alex Denisov's TBX package, there are also 2 other taskbar components...

By: Marko Binic


TmxTaskPanePro 3.16

TmxTaskPanePro is 100% native VCL component with added features to support the look, feel, and behavior introduced in latest Windows GUI. Included...

By: MaxComponents


Dockable Toolbar 3.0

This component allows you to easily create and maintain toolbars on your forms. Just place a DToolbar on your form, add some buttoms. You have now...

By: MiTo Soft


MPS Menu Toolbar

This component allows you to create with easy a menu toolbar.

By: Michael Pham



This component allows to let the users to customize and create new toolbars at run time.It looks and feels much the same as the dialog from the...

By: Noatak Racing Team


TpbhStatusbar 1.0

A pure VCL status bar. Does not use the Common Controls library. Implements virtually all of the TStatubar features. In addition the panels have...

By: Peter Hedlund



Addition to Toolbar97 componentes by Jordan Russell.TFileToolbar enables the common Toolbar97 to save and restore its buttons and Separators...

By: Peter Hellinger


TdsTaskBar 1.14

TdsTaskBar is just like Windows taskbar. Author uses it in MDI applications to show MDIchilds. It's a small component, easy to understand.Can...

By: Grega Loboda


TToolBar 1.0

TToolbar is a customizable Toolbar-Component which can be added to each project onsimply dropping it on the main-form and setting the Menu and a...

By: Hannes Danzl


Barcode Linear ActiveX Control & OCX 1.3

The Barcode Linear ActiveX Control is an easy to use drag and drop barcode tool. It works with any Windows application that supports ActiveX...

By:, Inc. Homepage


TListBar 1.1

TListBar is an Outlook style button bar. This single component allows you to set independent properties and events for each button/group it...

By: James Waler


TJanTabBar 1.0

TjanTabBar is an Outlook style TabBar inspired by Tabbed Panel (Outlook style) from Lincoln Birnie. Features:Scrollable collapseable Tabbed...

By: JanSoft


TjanTracker 1.0

TjanTracker is a TCustomControl descendant. Features: trackbar with tiled image background, custom track color and size, custom tumb color and...

By: JanSoft


TJStatusBar 1.0

Main features:Images support (using TImageList). Auto right-side align of panels. AutoText - date/time, NumLock, ScrollLock, CapsLock indicators....




New method for rearrange buttons on speedbar from RxLib with example text. Put source into project directory an use as in example text.

By: Jaro Benes


RBBar 1.11

RBBar is a Microsoft Outlook icons bar 100% native VCL component with many added features. The control can be used vertically (top to bottom like...

By: Borshack Software Solutions


TBmToolBar 1.0

Toolbar component. All you have to do is only create buttons in your application, then user can customize his toolbar with drag'n'drop. The user...

By: Bourmad Mehdi


TdfsToolBar 1.04

A descendant of the TToolBar component that adds a maximize - restore button. This mimics the behavior of the toolbar in Netscape Communicator....

By: Brad Stowers


Windows 95 Trackbar

This Windows 95 trackbar (slider) component uses the Windows 95 CUSTCNTL.DLL, which is probably in your WINDOWSSYSTEM directory to provide it's...

By: Colin Wilson