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EasyTable is the BDE alternative providing access to a database in its own format in fast and easy way. It contains two components called TEasyTable and TeasyDatabase, last one is intended for working with several tables in a single folder. TEasyTable is a TTable replacement supporting most of its features such as master/detail, filtering, searching, sorting, Key and Range methods, BLOB fields and some special ones such as data encryption, BLOB data compression, multi-indexes, shareable in memory capabilities, in-memory mode and others. TEasyTable doesn't use BDE, has small footprint, provides extremely fast data access with buffering and has the excellent search performance using multi-indexes (see http://www.aidaim.com/articles/dbtests1.php for details). EasyTable is fully compatible with standard DB-aware visual controls such as QuickReport, DBGrid, DBNavigator, DBImage, DBMemo, DBRichEdit and others. It supports calculated and lookup fields. EasyTable provides data importing from and exporting to any data source. It supports internationalization / localization and Unicode. Also there are many useful things such as table restructuring, table data restoring, displaying progress during slow operations with the table data and so on. EasyTable includes some utilities with sources such as EasyTable Manager, a visual utility for creating and editing databases and tables as well as importing / exporting data. There are comprehensive help system and many demos for Delphi / C++ Builders in EasyTable delivery package. EasyTable is now available in the following three main variations: EasyTable Free is a free variant for trial only (with nag-screen), EasyTable Com is a general purpose variant with no restrictions for $35 only, EasyTable Pro contains full source code in addition and costs $95.



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