LUFS 0.9.7

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Version: 0.9.7




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LUFS is enabling you to mount into your file hierarchy a remote computer's file system, which is accessible by various means (ftp, ssh, etc.). Then, the access to the remote files will be completely network transparent. In other words, you'll be able to read/modify remote files as if they were local, watch movies/listen to MP3s from FTP/SSH/Gnutella servers without copying them locally. Sheer magic. Now skip to the next section.LUFS is a hybrid userspace file system framework supporting an indefinite number of file systems transparently for any application. It consists of a kernel module and an userspace daemon. Basically it delegates most of the VFS calls to a specialized daemon which handles them.LUFS can be regarded as doing the same job as the VFS (virtual file system switch) in the kernel: it is a switch, distributing the file system calls to its supported file systems. With a big difference: LUFS file systems are implemented in userspace. This would be a drawback for local file systems where the access speed is important, but proves to be a huge advantage for networked file systems where the userland flexibility is most important.

Language: C/C++


Computer - File System - Networking - Remote - Remote Computer - Remote Files

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